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How to Engage Residents through Social Media

How to Engage Residents through Social MediaAccording to Pew Research, 88% of adults ages 18 to 29 use social media regularly. Among those ages 30 to 49, that number falls slightly to a still-impressive 78%, and then to 64% for those aged 50 to 64. In fact, even 37% of those aged 65 and older are using social media. The numbers don’t lie. Social media has become an integral part of our lives. And regardless of what age group you are trying to connect with as a property manager, it’s clear that social media should be a part of your strategy.

Not sure where to begin? Let’s take a look at a few ways you can use social media as a support channel for your property residents.

Listen and respond.

According to Smart Insights, 63% of today’s consumers expect companies to offer customer service via their social media channels, and 90% have already used social media as a way to communicate with a brand or business. This includes landlords and property managers. Encourage your residents to contact you with their questions and concerns via your social channels. Responding to inquiries via social media provides the additional benefit of allowing you to showcase your high level of support and attention.

Share updates.

What’s going on in and around your properties? Is there routine maintenance coming up that residents should know about? Are there repairs and renovations that are ongoing? Social media is a great avenue for sharing announcements, reminders and updates about progress. Doing so will keep tenants in the loop and more satisfied, and it’ll be much more convenient for you than having to reach out individually via email, letter or phone call.

Promote community events.

Residents who feel as though they are a part of a community are more likely to stay put, which means lower costly turnover for you. If your property is part of a larger HOA or apartment community, use social media to keep tenants informed of upcoming activities and events. Only manage independent properties? No problem. Use social media to promote happenings in and around the neighborhood and local community at large. For instance, share details about the upcoming parade or farmers’ market.

Make stronger connections.

If you want to build loyalty, engage with your residents on a more personal level through social media. Show them the names, faces and personalities behind your property manager brand. Share pictures, videos and stories about your team. Capture and post images of residents socializing at a recent community event. Social media is designed to be just that: social. Take advantage of this powerful tool to establish and strengthen those connections while building your brand at the same time.

With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, social media presents a tremendous opportunity for property managers, not just to market their properties, but to keep residents happy and engaged. The four tips above should provide a good foundation for leveraging social to benefit your business.

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