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How Technology Helps Make Property Management More Proactive

How_technology_can_create_more_time_in_property_managementSome of the most time-consuming tasks in property management are the basic but necessary everyday tasks such as paying invoices, generating notices and letters, bank reconciliations, etc. When performed manually or with outdated software, these activities are typically very repetitive, mundane, prone to human errors and most of all, not the best use of your staff’s skills.

Employing the support of property management software allows technology to handle the manual, monotonous work, so you and your team have more time available to focus on managing the business more proactively.

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Beyond automating manual, time-consuming processes, implementing property management software will also help your organization to establish best practice workflows and facilitate internal communication and collaboration. Look for a solution provider that has experienced product specialists on board who can examine your organization’s unique business needs and recommend the processes and functionality that will produce the greatest results.

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Having best practice processes in place will help to keep your organization — well, organized! This means a reduction in the occurrence of unexpected situations and “fires” that need to be put out. Plus the tracking and reporting features that are built in to quality property management software will allow you to more easily indentify and proactively address any potential problem areas.

Mobile technology can be another huge time-saver for property managers — especially when they are able to access their property management system remotely using mobile devices. Information can be looked up instantly and tasks can be performed in the field, rather than having to travel back to head office.

Automation and the time-savings that come with it can be further extended to the site level by implementing Web Portals that are fully integrated with your back office property management system. Web-based site management portals save time and reduce interruptions by allowing Residents, Investors, Boards and Vendors to self-serve at their own convenience.

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