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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

How Often Should You Post on Social MediaThere’s no debate as to whether or not your property management company should be using social media. But getting social right requires more than just publishing the occasional tweet or update. In fact, there’s a certain science to it. Thankfully much research has already been conducted to help determine what numbers are optimal for generating the highest engagement levels.

The folks over at CoSchedule crunched a bunch of numbers from several data-driven studies to help clarify how often you should be posting on each social media platform on a daily basis. Here’s what they found:

    • Facebook: 1 post per day

    • Twitter: 15 Tweets per day

    • LinkedIn: 1 post per day

    • Pinterest: 11 Pins per day

    • Instagram: 1-2 posts per day

These numbers may seem a bit overwhelming, especially for a smaller property management company, but they don’t have to be. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can apply this information in a practical, productive way.

Focus your efforts.

The list above is inclusive of all the major social media platforms, but that doesn’t mean you have to be active on all of them. In fact, the goal should be to figure out where your customers are most likely to be found and then focus your efforts there. By zeroing in on just one or two social channels and mastering those, you’ll save time and maximize your efforts to produce the best possible results.

Quality over quantity.

When it comes to social media for the property management industry, quality is always more important than quantity any day. This applies both to the content you are sharing as well as the fans and followers you are amassing. Posting a few highly relevant updates is far more effective at engaging your audience than bombarding them with stuff they don’t need just to make your daily quota. Likewise, focus on building an audience that is made up of quality contacts rather than just trying to fluff up your numbers.

Use a scheduling tool.

Let’s be honest. The property management industry is hectic. Posting regular social media updates isn’t always easy, nor is it always a practical use of your time. But consistency is important in building social media followings. That’s where a scheduling tool like Hootsuite, CoSchedule or Buffer can come in handy. Instead of having to pop into your social accounts several times throughout the day, you can simply schedule your posts to go live at specified intervals. So, you can essentially plan out all of your content in one sitting. Just don’t forget to go back and engage now and again by responding to comments, answering inquiries and participating in discussions when time allows.

Curate and repurpose wherever possible.

Rather than coming up with fresh content on a daily basis, you can take advantage of existing content as filler for your social media publishing needs. For instance, curating other relevant material produced by someone else provides you with additional content while also enabling you to develop strong, mutually beneficial relationships with other businesses. Likewise, taking a piece of your own content and repurposing it as social posts is another great idea for saving time and generating more material to share with your audience. For example, try turning a blog into an infographic or an eBook into several smaller blog posts.

Social media has become an essential component of marketing for modern property management companies. Knowing how often to post, along with developing a solid strategy for content planning and scheduling, can make the process easier as well as more effective. The cold hard truth about social media marketing is it’s going to take a great deal of leg work to build up an actively engaged audience and become a thought leader in your niche. 

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