“Since implementation, Netintegrity has become our business partner carefully listening to and delivering solutions based on our business needs. We appreciate the commitment they have demonstrated to-date towards Condominium First Management Services Ltd.”

– Roger Davies, President, Alberta

Providing industry knowledge, experience and value to customers

Customers of Netintegrity’s INFO-Tracker™ represent some of North America’s leading property management organizations, across the commercial, condominium/HOA/Strata, residential and non-profit sectors.

After nearly 20 years of working with the property management industry, Netintegrity understands that customers require unlimited flexibility from their property and maintenance management solution to help improve their bottom-line, increase process efficiency and automate daily routines. As our client’s business environment changes, INFO-Tracker changes with it, allowing property managers take care of their business today, while helping to build the business for tomorrow.

Netintegrity’s loyal customer base, across the property management industry, has come to rely on the increased efficiency, productivity and profitability enabled by INFO-Tracker. With customized sector specific solutions, INFO-Tracker provides users with the ability to personalize their applications and gain access anywhere, anytime.

“During implementation and on an on-going basis, we have called upon Netintegrity for training, questions, and recommendations in different areas of the system. Consistently throughout the entire period we have received timely and knowledgeable support. At this time we rely on INFO-Tracker for many of its functions and it is comforting to know that their support is always there when needed.” Ken Gibson, Client Services Supervisor

“The many automated features in INFO-Tracker eliminate the possibility of errors and save a considerable amount of time for my staff in many areas of Financial, Accounting and Owner administration. Our staff found the system user-friendly, easy to learn and to use. Supported by extensive controls and audit trails, INFO-Tracker is designed to ensure accountability and to maintain accuracy of Accounting and Owner Management information. INFO-Tracker enables us with a single click of a button to generate Monthly Financial Statements” – Roger Davies, President, Alberta

“The responsiveness of Netintegrity’s support staff has been greatly appreciated. It is refreshing to receive prompt support from the knowledgeable staff that can relate to both technical and Condominium Management issues. We also appreciate the commitment Netintegrity maintains to R&D, and were able to benefit from many new features and Functions which we received at no charge to-date” – Roger Davies, President, Alberta

“Both senior management and I at Condominium First Management Services Ltd. have found reporting functions in INFO-Tracker extremely beneficial to the management of our organization and we use them regularly during decision making processes as well as to monitor day to day activities” – Roger Davies, President, Alberta

“Since implementation, Netintegrity has become our business partner carefully listening to and delivering solutions based on our business needs. We appreciate the commitment they have demonstrated to-date towards Condominium First Management Services Ltd.” – Roger Davies, President, Alberta

“INFO-Tracker has fully lived up to our expectations,” says Mr. Hoelk, Partner at WRM. “It has helped us achieve numerous efficiencies in our internal processes. One example is the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) preparation and submission process, which has been reduced with the implementation of INFO-Tracker from 10 days to three–a saving of seven business days per month. Increased productivity is apparent in accounts payable, too;” says Mr. Hoelk. “We are now able to do a cheque run for an individual vendor for all properties, rather than having to go property by property, this process alone saves us several days a week.”

Alex Hoelk, Managing Partner

“after working with Netintegrity for sometime now, we know that we have made the right choice in selecting INFO-Tracker software and appreciate Netintegrity professional approach to providing timely service and on-going willingness to help. We look forward to many successful years of working with Netintegrity and using INFO-Tracker to its fullest.”

Alex Hoelk, Managing Partner

“We needed a more sophisticated platform in order to make better business and management decisions. Netintegrity’s INFO-Tracker offered all of the features we were looking for to streamline our operation and was fully customizable to meet our specific needs.” Joseph Metlege, Vice President of Templeton Properties.

“We’re the type of company that really does their homework. In addition to automation and the ability to host the system on our own server, things like cost, backup and support system were all factors in our decision. We thoroughly researched what was available and we believe that Netintegrity is the best system out there to do what we were looking for.” Templeton Properties Founder and President, Andrew Metlege

“the Info-Tracker system itself lends itself to ease of use, and I have found that the staff are able to easily learn its operation. This is partly due to the fact that the system has been logically put together, such that it easily flows with day to day operations, from Accounting to Administration to Maintenance” Abdur-Rasheed Mohamed, Senior Accountant

“Firstly, let me say that the customer-service, which, we have been provided by Netintegrity pre-implementation, as well as post-implementation, was exemplary. They reviewed our needs thoroughly and were open to customizing the software to meet our needs. In addition, they also made policy/procedure recommendations, which might reduce the cost of unnecessary customizations. The response to telephone voice mail messages and emails were quick, usually within the same business day, many times, within an hour or two. This continues to be the case to this day. If they are unable to answer our questions within that time, they advise us of such, and follow up accordingly.” Abdur-Rasheed Mohamed, Senior Accountant

“I am pleased to offer this letter of reference for Net Integrity who has been working with our company for the last five years” Sandra Hayman, General Manager

“We are continually adding new requests which Steve looks at as an opportunity to help our business and constantly display’s a remarkable ability to understand our vision and strives to achieve this. He approaches our requests with an exacting eye that is scientific, thorough and meticulous.” Sandra Hayman, General Manager

“INFO-Tracker is in my opinion the most complete, robust software package I have seen. The superior design of the software is evident from the first input screen and it continues throughout.” Kevin Albers, Executive Director

“The fact that Netintegrity has long-term staff assisting us is great, because they have familiarity with our initial installation of INFO-Tracker™. That really helps to make the implementation of new modules and features go a lot smoother. Plus the ongoing training they provide to our three primary admin teams is critical. No matter who comes and goes in our organization we can be assured that our staff will have the training necessary to make the best use of the system.” Linda Flanagan, acting CFO, Silvera for Seniors

“One key area where we found immediate improvement in productivity is in paying our Vendors. We’re really happy with the ACH/EFT processing capabilities within the system. It’s the ease of use really — the way the system automatically collects the information and gets the file ready. It’s compatible with many banking systems, so it was easy for our banking system to use.”Linda Flanagan, acting CFO, Silvera for Seniors

“We have 42 different income statements that we have to prepare each month for both our community sites and administrative departments. INFO-Tracker™ has enabled us to prepare that information in a much more timely way. We’ve been able to cut 2 days off our month end, in terms of the time it takes for staff to prepare and generate the reports.”Linda Flanagan, acting CFO, Silvera for Seniors

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