Why INFO-Tracker?

Establishing proactive management processes, with insightful, accurate financial analysis and reporting are integral to controlling expenses and increasing profitability. INFO-Tracker™ gives property management companies a competitive edge by allowing you to do more with limited resources.The business intelligence capabilities and insights gained from INFO-Tracker enable companies to maximize revenue growth, respond faster to customers and effectively manage their businesses, leading to increased market share, customer satisfaction and retention.

Comprehensive property management software

INFO-Tracker is the most comprehensive, single-vendor, integrated solution for the property management industry. INFO-Tracker provides automated functionality and unparalleled flexibility, scalability and management controls. It helps companies in every segment of the property management industry transform data into insights about company performance, customers, service delivery, cost control and more.

Improving performance and productivity

Employee performance, stress level and job satisfaction are affected by the tools provided by management. INFO-Tracker addresses all business and management requirements, while providing easy-to-learn and use tools, designed to enhance performance and productivity.

Partnerships that last

Netintegrity recognizes that without true partnerships with our customers, INFO-Tracker would not be what it is today. Netintegrity listens to what customers say about INFO-Tracker and strives to deliver the best set of automated capabilities to address customer requirements.

Netintegrity’s goal is two-fold:

  • Remain at the forefront of software development for the property management industry and lead the way in technological innovation.
  • Assist users in growing their businesses and provide a foundation that allows management companies to double their portfolios without having to add more resources.

Industry experience and superior support

To achieve these goals, Netintegrity employs seasoned professionals, with extensive expertise in technology, property management and accounting and incorporates user feedback into R&D to deliver automated solutions that align with industry and customer requirements. As a result, INFO-Tracker is a leading property management software, providing second-to-none process automation, enabling management companies to optimize their internal operations and grow their businesses.

In support of customer technical inquiries, Help Desk experts are always available to provide assistance, guidance and expertise to ensure users are getting the most from their investment.