Netintegrity – Optimizing the business of property management

Since implementation, Netintegrity has become our business partner carefully listening to and delivering solutions based on our business needs. We appreciate the commitment they have demonstrated to-date towards Condominium First Management Services Ltd.” Roger Davies, VP Business Development & IT

Netintegrity is a leading developer of integrated property and maintenance management software. Netintegrity’s INFO-Tracker™ incorporates industry sector specific tools for both frontline staff and management, and is the solution of choice for many North American organizations, based on automated features, cost, ease-of-use and flexibility. Netintegrity delivers turnkey software and services solutions, along with training and customer support.

Netintegrity’s loyal customer base, across the property management industry, has come to rely on the increased efficiency, productivity and profitability enabled by sector specific INFO-Tracker solutions, which provide users with the ability to personalize their applications and gain access anywhere, anytime.

For nearly two decades, NetIntegrity has stood apart from the competition by delivering superior customer service and support and by incorporating customer feedback into research and development, ensuring the software’s capabilities, business rules and processes give customers the functionality they need to manage their business.

NetIntegrity understands that customers require unlimited flexibility from their property and maintenance management solution to help improve their bottom-line, increase process efficiency and automate daily routines. As the business environment changes, INFO-Tracker changes with it to help property managers take care of their business today, while helping to build the business for tomorrow.

Why Netintegrity?

  • Experts in property management solutions
    Netintegrity’s business is to know its customers’ business. By making a sustained commitment to provide industry-specific, automated tools, Netintegrity serves customers across all property management industry sectors, including: condominium, non-profit, residential and commercial.
  • Commitment to research and development
    Netintegrity is dedicated to R&D and providing user support. Long-lasting partnerships are formed with customers by providing them with an unparalleled set of integrated and automated tools, backed by a knowledgeable support team.
  • Constant customer support
    At no extra charge, Netintegrity’s customers receive a full suite of support services, which incorporate unlimited online technical support, monthly system maintenance, monthly user training and much more. Knowledge sharing is provided through regular seminars, webcasts and custom tailored training programs.
  • Customer satisfaction
    Netintegrity’s focus is to provide the best value to customers and to deliver the most powerful and flexible property and maintenance management software capabilities. Guided by a Customer Focus Excellence (CFE) approach, customer feedback is used to improve service and software offerings.
  • Financial strength and commitment
    After nearly two decades of success and financial growth, Netintegrity is a financially stable and committed industry business partner. By reinvesting each year in R&D, Netintegrity improves and enhances its products to exceed customer requirements. This is why customers choose to renew their software licenses and support programs year after year.

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