Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Property Management Business

By Jennifer McCready

Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Property Management BusinessDid you know that 80% of consumers access the internet using their smartphones? Another 47% use another mobile device, like a tablet. And this number is almost certainly going to grow. So what does this mean for your property management business? It means that your audience – whether prospective clients or tenants – are going mobile and you should be too. That said, here are some helpful tips to help you get the most out of your mobile marketing efforts.

Invest in responsive design

This is really just a fancy term for making your website compatible with any device it’s viewed on. To do this, you can either have your existing site modified to be responsive, or you can have an entirely separate mobile site developed. Having a mobile-friendly site creates a much better user experience, so it should be your number one priority.

Keep things simple

Remember that when your visitors are viewing your mobile site or ad, they’re doing so on a much smaller screen than a PC. Keep this in mind when designing your marketing campaigns. Include only the necessary information, like location, hours, info about your latest special or basic details if you’re marketing a property.

Capitalize on location

One of the greatest benefits of mobile marketing is the ability it offers to reach your target audience in the right place at the right time. Take advantage of location-based apps and other hyper-targeted sites when marketing your available properties or your property management services.

Personalize your approach

Digital marketing has come a long way. Nowadays you can easily segment your target audience using just about any criteria. Utilize this ability to personalize your marketing messages to those who would be most likely to bite. For instance, if you’ve got a list of prospective tenants who are looking to rent in a certain geographical area or are seeking specific amenities, market to that list accordingly.

Use QR codes

We’ve mentioned it before, but QR codes are still a very popular tool for mobile marketers. They are especially beneficial for property managers, since you can load them up with as much info as you’d like. Include a QR code in all of your property listings, as well as on signage, mailings, and anything else you’re using to show a property. When a prospect scans the code with his or her smartphone, all of the details of the property will instantly appear for them to review. It’s super-efficient and highly effective. (A quick Google search should help you find a free QR generator to use.)

There’s no doubt about it, mobile marketing is here to stay. By jumping on board and following the tips above, you’ll stay a step ahead of your competition and improve the chances of a bright and promising tomorrow for your property management organization.

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