Effectively Managing Your Social Media Calendar

By Jennifer McCready
Effectively Managing Your Social Media CalendarBy now, you already know how important having a social media strategy is for your property management business. One of the keys to doing so successfully, however, is having a schedule for the content you plan to share and other activities. This keeps you on task and helps to ensure that your activity remains consistent, which is the golden rule of social media marketing. If you haven’t already done so, we’d like to offer some guidance and advice on developing an effective social media calendar to help you achieve this goal.

Understand Your Target Audience

When planning out a content calendar, you must first identify who you are trying to target, and then determine what type of content would be most effective. Your different social channels may require different strategies, based on the demographic of users. For instance, your Instagram followers may be made up mostly of Millennials while Facebook users may be comprised of older generations.

Create a List of Topics

Most of the content you share should be your own, so it’s a good idea to plan out plenty of posts in advance. That way you won’t find yourself scrambling to come up with something just to stay active on your social channels. Set aside time to brainstorm a list of topics, such as for blog posts, and place them on your calendar to be written in a timely manner. Stick with the schedule and you’ll start creating a nice database of content to draw from.

Plan for Diversity

Of course, we know that social media users aren’t only after articles and written content. They also love multi-media, such as photographs, funny memes, short video clips and other creative content. As you’re building out your schedule, fill in open areas with a variety of different types of media. This will keep things fresh and provide a better user experience.

Take Turns and Delegate

As a busy property management professional, you may find yourself stretched too thin to be able to handle all the social media tasks for your business. It’s ok – even a good idea – to share the wealth with others in your office. In fact, it can be somewhat refreshing to have content come from different people, because it provides more variety. Build your schedule in a way that incorporates multiple people so it isn’t overwhelming to you or anyone else.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

As you’re developing your content calendar, you may find yourself struggling to come up with material to share with your fans and followers. In times like these, the best people to ask for help are your audience members themselves. They know what they want to read and see, so ask them! This will further increase engagement, which can boost your overall web ranking and brand recognition.

There are a number of free online templates that you can download and use for your content calendar. Try a few out and see which one fits with your needs and preferences. It really doesn’t matter how you organize your social media posts, as long as you’re staying on top of them. This will provide a much more solid foundation for your online presence and help you reach more people to grow your business.

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