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8 Great Benefits of Association Management Software

5 Tips to Improve Community Association ManagementIt’s true—property managers are always looking for ways to streamline their processes, gain a real-time look into their reporting and analytics, and easily communicate with their teams and communities. But for many property managers, finding all the right tools and systems can feel daunting. 

That’s where association management software comes in. 

What is Association Management Software?

Association management software (or AMS) is a secure, integrated system that lets you easily store, streamline, and manage reporting, communication, contact information, dues and payments, and so much more. By combining key tools into one holistic system, your team will save time and money, letting you focus on growing and optimizing your portfolio while providing the highest quality service. 

What are the Benefits of Association Management Software?

While the advantages are seemingly endless, we’ve narrowed it down to the top eight great benefits that take your business to the next level. 

1. Powerful Automation 

By fully automating processes specifically designed for association management and administration, your team will be able to eliminate errors, improve efficiency, and save much-needed time—meaning you spend seconds, not hours, pulling and processing key information and reports. 

2. Centralized Database

From site management and unit activity, to ownership transfers and charges, to fee calculation and billing, AMS centralizes the most important community information, letting you access robust reporting, oversee key analyses, process payments and dues, and more. 

3. Effortless Collaboration

Association management software lets your sites and head office seamlessly communicate and collaborate in one easy-to-use system, allowing for shared functions and controls management and oversight. 

4. Everywhere Access

Need to jump on an issue in the middle of the night? Want to check in on your communities on the go? With 24-hour access from anywhere on any device, you can get exactly the information you need, the way you need it, when you need it most.

5. Improved Community Experience

AMS creates a better experience—and higher satisfaction—for both your team and your community. Unit owners and tenants can submit payments, issue maintenance requests, print receipts, and review ledgers, while your team can generate and automate texts and emails, broadcast alerts, and loop in third-party vendors. 

6. Integrated Vendor Management

Speaking of vendors, association management software lets you easily communicate with third parties (and connect them to your community) for repairs, maintenance, and oversight. Plus, you can share updates and alerts right in the platform, and get real-time insight on project statuses and metrics. 

7. Customized Modules

AMS is designed to grow with your business, offering plug-and-play modules to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re scaling up or scaling down, you can select the modules, features, and functionalities your team and community require.

8. Personalized Pricing

Just as association management software grows with your business, it also grows with your pricing. Pay for only what you need, when you need it, and nothing more. As your business scales, you can choose the right modules and features at the right price (and adjust anytime you need it!).

Want to learn more about AMS? Explore Netintegrity’s end-to-end association management software solution and see how we can help your business and community thrive. Request your free demo now! 

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