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7 Fall Tips for Property Managers

chris-lawton-5IHz5WhosQE-unsplashAttention property managers! Fall is here.

It’s a pivotal time for property managers as the next few weeks lead us into the winter. In many cities, hurricanes, tornados, and thunderstorms are more frequent and as you travel north this is the time to prepare for the daunting winter. Here’s how you can take fall by storm.

Check the Roofs and Gutters

While the weather is still dry and warm inspect your roof. Make sure every shingle is in place and secure. While you’re at it, have the gutters cleaned and inspected as well. You need your defense against water damage to be strong and that starts with directing water away from your properties.

Clear Outdoor Hazards

With winter in the not so distant future, it’s time to check the landscaping one last time. Property managers should inspect green space around their properties and have the branches of any low hanging trees trimmed. Ice and thunderstorms can break tree branches which can significant damage. By trimming tree branches property managers are saving the costs of repairs and the turmoil of unhappy owners and tenants.

Close Your Pools

It’s time to have your outdoor pools closed. It is essential to have your pools closed properly which probably means hiring a professional pool company is your best bet. If your pools are drained incorrectly the foundation of your pool as well as its pipes and filters can all incur expensive damages. Don’t opt out of closing your pool or the Winter’s inclement will cause severe damages and ruin the reputation of your properties.

Clean Your HVAC Filters

Dirty filters interfere with the circulation of fresh air through your properties. Problems with air circulation can diminish the efficiency of heating as the weather gets colder and raise energy costs. Clean filters also ensure clear better air quality for anyone inside your building, especially with the onset of allergies this time of year.

Reinforce Insulation

Installing foam weatherstripping to your properties can protect against drafts and help reduce the cost of heating bills. In many regions there are laws mandating rental units be set to a specific temperature during the colder seasons. The initial investment of insulation is more cost effective than a fine for violating regulations or paying for a rising heating bill.

Check Emergency Lights

Intense weather occurrences are common this type of year. Check evacuation plans and emergency lighting systems to make sure you are prepared for the worst situations. In many cases there are laws depicting emergency routes around your properties and how your back up lights should work. Verify that all of your lights and exits are in working order. Don’t risk a fine or putting anyone in danger. 

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A seasonal favorite is fall scented candles which can be a fire risk. If you don’t allow open flames indoors, now is the time to send a notice reminding owners and residents that candles are prohibited. If you do allow open flames remind everyone about safety precautions necessary when lighting candles. Inspect and test all your smoke detectors and while you’re at it your carbon monoxide detectors too.


Take the changing colors of the leaves as a reminder that now is the time for preventative measures to fortify your property management company against the winter.

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