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5 Ways to Tell You’re True Property Management Leadership Material

Ways_to_Tell_You’re_True_Property_Management_Leadership_MaterialAre executive leaders born or are they made? While it’s true that training, nurturing and experience can mold someone into a leader, in many cases, it’s an innate ability that is unique to each individual. Simply put, some people were just meant to be at the head of the pack and truly thrive in leadership positions. Wondering where you (or some of your property management team members) may fall on this spectrum? Let’s take a look at a handful of ways that you can tell the true signs of a strong, effective leader.

You’re always seeking knowledge.

One of the most obvious signs of a born leader is the burning desire to learn and continuously grow and improve. Think about people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. These individuals, despite their wild success and incredible achievements, remained hungry for more. Additionally, research has shown that those who have had a variety of roles (rather than one single area of focus or expertise) are more likely to climb their way to the top.

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You’re not afraid to admit when you’re wrong.

Sure, executives are smart, but that doesn’t mean they’re always right. To the contrary, most high ranking professionals have had more than their fair share of failures. The key lies not in always being right or perfect, but rather acknowledging one’s weaknesses, admitting one’s mistakes and being willing to learn and grow as a result. Not only will this make you a more effective property management leader over time, but it will also help earn the respect of your employees.

You’re not afraid to dream big.

There will always be some degree of risk involved in making business decisions and managing an organization. How you manage and respond to that risk, however, is what will set you apart as an effective leader. Successful leaders – like Steve Jobs – recognize that there is risk, but don’t let it scare them away from dreaming big and pursuing those dreams. You may not develop the next iPhone, but you could just come up with a new and innovative idea that might change the property management industry.

You get obsessed from time to time.

When coming up with a big idea, great leaders tend to become completely obsessed with making it a reality. CEO of popular action video equipment company GoPro came up with the idea of developing a better video to film surfing. He didn’t just kick the idea around or put it on a shelf. He pursued it relentlessly, through months of constant experimentation, until he got it right. The most successful individuals in executive leadership positions are intensely focused on solving problems.

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You know how to tell a story.

What does the ability to tell a compelling and captivating story have to do with leading your property management business? Quite a bit, actually. Because executives are often tasked with influencing people and changing minds, the ability to do so with true grit and emotion is an absolute requirement. What do you think would move your team to action more effectively? A spreadsheet filled with numbers or a personal story that brings to life what doing XYZ will accomplish?

Are you a true leader? Do you recognize any of these innate traits in any of your property management team members? What other traits or characteristics do you think strong, effective leaders embody? Please share in the comments below.

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