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5 Ways to Make Your Property Management Office More Productive

5 Ways to Make Your Property Management Office More ProductiveOne of the biggest killers of workplace productivity is human nature. We often believe that if we can cross a few more items off our to-do list, we’re really making progress. In reality, we are measuring, valuing and rewarding the wrong things. We commend those who work the fastest rather than those who work the smartest. This is a mistake and it could be costing your property management business big time. If you and/or your employees could use a little help in this area, give the following tips a try.


Set micro-goals.

You may have a high-level vision for a new process you’d like to implement, but you can’t make that vision real unless you do so at ground-level. Rather than setting huge, overarching goals that can feel overwhelming, break down bigger projects into smaller, more feasible micro-goals. The motivation from achieving these goals will provide the push to keep going and, over time, the larger goals will begin to come into focus.

Always seek the best way.

Just because something’s been done a certain way since the dawn of time doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being done the best way. In fact, it’s good practice to be cognizant of any points during a work process that bring frustration. This is typically a sign that changes can and should be made. If you make a conscious effort to evaluate existing workflows and encourage others on your property management team to do the same, you will inevitably uncover opportunities for process improvements.

Invite questions.

Managers often make the mistake of telling employees not to question them. In reality, the best leaders not only welcome questions, but actively encourage them. The folks on the front lines and in the trenches are the ones that know better than anyone else what is and isn’t working. They should feel comfortable making suggestions about changes that could help them work smarter. Invite feedback, don’t suppress it.

Eliminate distractions.

Whether it’s your own daily routine you’re trying to tighten up or you’ve got an entire workforce that could stand to become more productive, eliminating – or at the very least, decreasing – distractions is a step in the right direction. Figure out what’s hindering progress, whether it’s time being wasted surfing the web, constantly checking email, etc. and then make the necessary modifications to address those hindrances.

Utilize technology.

Automation is one of the most powerful tools a business can use for boosting productivity. When the heavy lifting of time-consuming manual tasks is shifted from human to machine, the work will get done much faster and your employees will be freed up to apply their talent and efforts more strategically. Property management software is specifically designed to help you achieve the highest level of efficiency.

In today’s cut-throat world, only the companies that operate at optimal levels will be capable of outlasting the competition. The key to this is maximizing productivity. Apply the five tips above and put your property management business on the right path toward sustained success.

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