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5 Ways to Improve Marketing to Property Owners

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Regardless of whether you’re new to the property management industry of you’ve been in the business for decades, you’re inevitably going to reach a point where you need more clients in order to grow. But with hundreds of other property management companies to compete with, getting the attention of property owners can be challenging.

That’s why marketing so critical – and not just any marketing. You need to be creative and strategic. Here are five ideas for improving your marketing outreach to get more clients and grow your firm.

Create valuable content

One of the best ways to win over new property owners is to provide them with a solution to their problems. But before they pull the trigger and hire you as their property management service provider, you have to earn their trust. Content marketing enables you to do just that. Focus on developing and populating a blog with content that educates your target audience and answers their questions. Over time, they’ll begin to see you as a trusted resource and will feel much more comfortable working with you.

Content marketing is also extremely valuable from an SEO perspective. Using the right keywords and consistently producing quality content will help more property owners find your company online, which means more leads and hopefully more conversions as a result.

List your services and be transparent on your website

Once your prospects land on your website, the best way to keep them there is to give them the information they are looking for in an upfront and easy-to-navigate way. For instance, make sure your contact information is prominent throughout your site. List all of the property management services you provide along with any other differentiators that your company offers over the competition. This pushes them through the sales funnel more effectively.

And don’t be shy about listing prices on your website. Transparency will save you time and aggravation by weeding out those who aren’t really serious about taking the next step and leaving you with a list of qualified leads that have already been vetted.

Invest in local SEO

The majority of your clientele will be located in a certain geographical area, so you want to make sure you are optimizing your website to get more local traffic. Otherwise you could be targeting the wrong people and wasting money in the process. When writing your blog posts, try to use geographical keywords that will draw in more targeted traffic. And make sure your property management company is properly listed on all local directories to ensure maximum exposure to the right audience.

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Join forces with other local businesses

Chances are there are other local businesses that are in the same boat as you and also targeting a similar demographic. Provided you are not direct competitors, joining up through a strategic partnership can be mutually beneficial.

For instance, you might consider making an arrangement with a local realtor who specializes in multifamily properties. When one of their clients purchases a property, the realtor can recommend your property management services. In turn, you might recommend that realtor’s services to a client of yours who is thinking about expanding their property portfolio.

Get involved in your community

Property management success hinges quite a bit on word of mouth referrals. By getting involved in your local community, you’ll increase face-to-face interactions which will help you establish your brand more prominently.

Beyond the overarching benefit of giving back, which is worth it in and of itself, this type of person-to-person marketing can help keep your company top of mind. That way if and when someone mentions the need for property management services, you’ll have an army of local folks who will gladly bring up your company’s name as a personal recommendation. And that can be far more valuable than any ad or marketing campaign ever could.

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