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5 Ways That Time Sheets Can Boost Property Maintenance Staff Morale

5_ways_that_timesheets_can_boost_property_maintenance_staff_moraleYou might think that you misread the title of this blog post OR that we must be completely off our rockers. Because it’s pretty much a universal truth that no one in any industry enjoys filling out time sheets. However, we believe that the majority of workers loathe documenting their time spent on various jobs because historically it has been a tremendously daunting paper-based task. Imagine at the end of a busy day (or week) trying to accurately recall where you spent your time, what you did there, how long it took and what items were used from inventory.

Web-ready INFO-Tracker™ TimesheetLink™ makes it easy for your property maintenance staff to document time spent, materials used and any issues encountered as they complete each work order. Not only is it a lot less painful for them, but it gives you a more accurate view of the real-time status of each work order, how much resources are required for various jobs and the performance of individual maintenance employees.

It’s important to note that INFO-Tracker™ TimesheetLink™ is more than just a tool for your staff to submit their time sheets remotely. It’s a complete Work Order management system that organizes the scheduling and completion of jobs, provides relevant job details, sends alerts for urgent tasks and keeps property managers up to date on the current status of all work orders. 

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Here are 5 specific ways that this time sheet completion and work order management system can help boost the morale of your property maintenance staff.


The fact that maintenance staff have mobile access to view their job schedule and receive alerts for urgent jobs means that they can work fairly independently throughout the day, with minimal interruptions and without the feeling that they are being micro-managed.

Access to clear job details

Mobile access to all work order details means that maintenance staff have everything they need to get the job done. There is no confusion and no need to call a property manager to sort things out.

Fewer interruptions

The fact that property managers have instant access to the real-time status of all work orders means that they rarely need to call maintenance staff to check on the status of a job. Fewer interruptions have a positive impact on the speed and quality of work done — resulting in increased customer satisfaction, as well as reducing the amount of frustration experienced by team members.

Easy time sheet submission

Submitting time sheets on the spot as jobs are completed eliminates the very real struggle of trying to accurately recall details that happened earlier in a hectic day, or god forbid, earlier that week!

Recognition for a job well done

The reporting features of INFO-Tracker™ TimesheetLink™ make it easy for management to spot their top performers (as well as those whose performance is lacking) and give them recognition for a job well done.

At the end of the day, most of us just want to do good work and to be recognized for it. INFO-Tracker™ TimesheetLink™ helps your maintenance staff to experience both.

Find out more about INFO-Tracker™ TimesheetLink™ — download the brochure.


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