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5 Ways Technology Makes a Property Manager’s Life Easier

Being a property manager isn’t always a walk in the park. Sure, there is ample money to be made and plenty of other perks along the way, but managing properties isn’t something you can just set and forget. Whether it’s arranging showings, screening tenants, managing maintenance requests or handling the dozens of other daily tasks, things can get downright chaotic. Fortunately, technology provides a number of solutions to help make your life infinitely easier. Let’s explore a few of these below.

Online Payments

Accounting has become remarkably more efficient, thanks to tools like online payment portals. Now, instead of waiting for physical checks to come in the mail, and then paying someone to process, batch, deposit and apply those payments, you can enjoy immediate access to funds as well as a much more streamlined and efficient collection process. This saves both time and money. Online payments are also easier and more convenient for your customers, which means a higher degree of satisfaction.

Oversee Maintenance

The manual process of managing maintenance requests is one that is wrought with error. One misplaced post-it note could end up not only resulting in customer dissatisfaction, but also the potential for much bigger and costlier repairs. Thankfully, with tools like property maintenance software, you can automate and streamline this process to prevent things from slipping through the cracks. Every step can be easily tracked and monitored, from scheduling the vendor to following up with the customer and more.

Contactless Showings

One of the positive things that came out of the pandemic was the proliferation of virtual interactions. Not only are contactless property showings a safer option from a health standpoint, but they also save property managers a tremendous amount of time. Whether it’s a pre-recorded video tour that can be viewed on-demand, or the use of smart locks to enable prospective renters to access a vacant unit independently, the process will be easier and more convenient for everyone involved.

Data-Driven Insights

Before the advancement of today’s technologies, property managers had to forecast and plan for the future based on a combination of paper documentation and guesswork. Now, thanks to data analytics, property managers are able to run relevant reports at the click of a button and gain valuable insight that is based on accurate information. These insights can then be used to make more strategic business decisions.

Master Communication

When it comes to success in property management, communication is key. Whether it’s keeping customers abreast of what’s going on with their properties, making sure tenants are informed and aware of rules and announcements, or staying on top of vendor activity, using traditional means of communication takes time and leaves ample room for error. With technology like SMS messaging, email, social media and online portals, busy property managers can stay in constant contact without investing a significant amount of extra time or money.

These are just a handful of the many ways technology can help ease the day-to-day burden of being a property manager. To see for yourself how INFO-Tracker can make your life easier and more efficient, schedule a live product demo today.

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