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5 Reasons You Should Be Going to Trade Shows

5 Reasons You Should Be Going to Trade ShowsTrade shows can be a powerful way to market your property management company as well as your own personal brand. A gathering of industry experts, media personnel and prospects who are ripe for the picking – what’s not to love? Yet ask any busy property manager and you’ll likely get a list a mile long of excuses not to attend. Is attending trade shows an investment of time and effort? Yes. Are they worth it? Absolutely. If you’re still grappling with some objections, here are five compelling reasons you should reconsider.

Trade shows help you build relationships.

This one’s probably the biggest benefit of attending trade shows. Will you collect leads and maybe land a few new clients? Sure. But more importantly, you’ll start making those essential business connections – with prospects, colleagues and potential partners – that will serve you well into the future. Go into these events with relationship-building as your main focus and your investment of time will pay off for many years to come.

Trade shows help you raise brand awareness.

It’s no secret that the property management industry is a competitive one. But you know in your heart that your services are superior. By attending events, you’ll have the opportunity to get your company name out to the masses and start carving out your own little corner of the market. Plus, it’s always easier to drive home your unique value proposition when you do it in person. To improve your odds of success, consider the following expert tips:

  • Use eye-catching graphics to draw the attention of your audience.
  • Make it super easy for attendees to get in touch after the show (business cards, handouts, flyers, etc. that include website, contact and social media information).
  • If possible, grab a spot that’s close to a well-known, non-competitive brand. This can subconsciously boost your perceived authority.

Trade shows provide access to highly-targeted leads.

The best leads are the ones who’ve already shown some degree of interest in what you have to offer. By default, there’s a good chance that prospects attending an industry-related trade show are already in the market for property management services. To capitalize on this, have a few of your best salespeople on hand to help win over some new business or, at the very least, introduce your brand and start a dialogue.

Trade shows give you an up-close glimpse at your competitors.

Competitive analysis is a hallmark of business success, and there is certainly no shortage of rivals to keep an eye on in the property management sector. Trade shows put you within close proximity to other industry players, making it easy to see what they’re up to, assess what’s working and develop a strategy for how you can position your property management services as the better option. If there’s a particular competitor who seems to be killing it, take note of what they’re doing right so you can emulate that at your next event.

Trade shows provide a great chance to learn.

You may know the property management industry like the back of your hand, but what about other complementary fields with whom you might be able to form a mutually beneficial partnership? Likewise, there may be various tools and applications that you could be employing, such as property management software, which could dramatically streamline the way your business operates. Trade shows provide the perfect avenue to explore and learn about these opportunities, all under one roof.

Trade shows can offer tremendous benefits, including the opportunity to drum up new business, increase brand awareness, network with others and learn more about the industry as a whole. At the end of the day, this makes them well worth the investment.

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