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4 Ways to Monitor Your Competition in the Digital Age

4 Ways to Monitor Your Competition in the Digital AgeAny savvy business professional knows that one of the keys to staying ahead is to keep a close eye on the competition. Even if you happen to be outpacing all the other property managers in your area, it’s still a wise idea to stay in tune with what they’re up to. Otherwise, you could find yourself lagging behind before you know it. Thankfully, technology has made this task much easier than it’s ever been before. Here are a few best practices for monitoring your competitors in the digital age.

Analyze their SEO.

Just because you’re in the same industry doesn’t mean other property managers in the area are targeting the same keywords as you. They may have discovered relatively untapped territory that you could take advantage of as well. Start by using a tool like SpyFu, through which you can pinpoint precisely what keywords your competition is targeting. Then, compare your ranking by using a tool like AccuRanker to see where you stand and identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

Check their backlinks.

Analyzing the backlinks of your competitors can help you determine where your target audience is spending most of their time. Other property managers in your area may be getting traffic from sources that you aren’t yet aware of. You don’t have to create a carbon copy of their link-building policy, but by doing a little digging, you may find a few more sites that could be worth pursuing links from. A free tool like Ahrefs backlink checker should provide a good starting point.

Review their content.

You already know that when it comes to online performance, content is king by a mile. It can help you build trust, drive traffic to your site and convert leads – often without requiring any additional work. Your competitors’ content can also reveal a lot about your target audience that could be of value to you. For instance, by using a platform like BuzzSumo, you can find out what topics are being shared the most. Also, you should monitor your competitors’ blogs to see what they’re writing about.

Study their social strategy.

Learning how other property managers are connecting with their clients and prospects can help you hone you own social strategy. What kind of content are they sharing – specifically, what activities are they engaging in that are generating the kind of response you’re looking for? How are they positioning themselves? What is their messaging like? You’d be surprised at how much you can learn about other companies as well as your target audience just by monitoring your competitors’ social feeds.

Analyzing your competition can help you uncover untapped opportunities in a number of areas. The key to being successful at this is consistency. Companies change, pivot and improve all the time. Regularly monitoring what’s going on with others in your industry will help you maintain your position and possibly even help you get a few steps ahead.

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