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4 Ways Maintenance Management Software Will Grow Your Portfolio (And Make You More Money!)

Maintenance management software can help schedule HVAC techs performing preventative maintenance.

As a business owner, you have your sights set on growing your portfolio to make more money and build a resilient operation. But taking on more communities under management isn’t without its fair share of headaches. When you take on additional properties, there’s more to manage—like more owners, board members, and maintenance-related issues.

Luckily, this becomes much easier with a robust computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) powering your organization. 

With the help of comprehensive CMMS software, you can scale your operations and maintain control over maintenance tasks in a cost-effective way. Keep reading to learn more about what a CMMS is and how it can help you make more money:

What Is a Computerized Maintenance Management System? 

A CMMS is a digital platform for managing properties and streamlining business decisions. It serves as a one-stop shop for maintenance and management across every property in your portfolio.

With the help of reliable CMMS software, your business can access reports and drill down into current and historical data. A CMMS tool also streamlines communication with key stakeholders, including owners, tenants, vendors, and residents, through integrated text messaging, broadcasts, emails, and alerts. 

This creates efficiency across departments while reducing the number of inquiries and email exchanges employees have to tackle. As a result, soft costs associated with administrative time managing maintenance are eliminated, bolstering your bottom line. 

Top Ways a Maintenance Management Software Will Help You Make More Money

1. Ensure a great resident experience.

Property managers need to keep residents happy to maintain high occupancy levels and reduce turnover. According to one study, tenants are twice as likely to turn down a lease renewal due to a factor under the landlord’s control instead of for personal reasons.

A CMMS system centralizes all maintenance activities, enabling proactive maintenance and ensuring properties remain in great shape all year round. The right system helps managers respond to urgent issues, facilitate payments, and address requests promptly. 

2. Streamline HOA and condominium management.

Providing property management for a condominium or a HOA can be stressful, especially in today’s competitive market. For example, homeowner associations (HOAs) are pinching pennies and scrutinizing vendors now more than ever—meaning property managers need to be on top of their game to win and keep contracts.

A CMMS platform enables faster incident resolution and a better resident experience. It’s essential to managing condominium and HOA properties at scale, building long-term relationships with communities, and generating positive reviews and recommendations.

3. Optimize management.

Routine maintenance is critical to minimizing operating costs. Ongoing maintenance results in lower repair costs for internal appliances, structures like decks and swimming pools, and surfaces like parking lots and lawns.

In the past, property managers relied on spreadsheets and manual data entry to track repairs and perform maintenance. But with a CMMS in place, this process becomes fully automated. Property managers can receive real-time data to track management issues, increase safety, and inform purchases and projects. For example, a CMMS could let you know when a tenant’s air conditioning unit or furnace is due for maintenance. 

The bottom line? Proactive maintenance helps you avoid expensive repairs and replacements while reducing unexpected issues that make tenants unhappy.

4. Complete repairs faster.

Behind every great property manager is an efficient and responsive maintenance crew. However, property managers often struggle to communicate with maintenance teams and maintain visibility into daily operations. This contributes to slow response times and wasteful practices. 

A modern CMMS makes it possible to receive and process requests 24/7 and prioritize jobs based on urgency. For example, if a pipe breaks at 3 a.m., a CMMS will alert your team, organize a response, log the issue, and process payments—all without any heavy lifting on your end.

In addition, a modern CMMS will offer mobile tools to help manage maintenance tasks, collect logged time for work orders, and provide automatic updates. This can ensure accountability of hours and team productivity, leading to faster completion times, lower costs, and happier tenants.

5. Empower team members with mobile tools

When maintenance team members go about their days, it’s not uncommon for new tasks to be added to their to-do list on a seemingly continuous basis. By investing in maintenance management software that offers mobile tools, maintenance members gain access to an ever-updating mobile to-do list, creating efficiencies if new maintenance tasks come in while they are on a particular property. That way, crews can address issues on the same properties much faster instead of wasting travel time.

What’s more, leading solutions also collect time logged against each work order and automatically send this information to the head office. This ensures worker accountability and team productivity.

Transform Your Property Management Business

To succeed in the fast-moving property management game, your business needs to work quickly and efficiently and optimize costs at every turn. With a CMMS powering your operations, your business can get things done faster and ensure tenants are satisfied.

NetIntegrity offers an industry-leading CMMS that’s guaranteed to save your business time and reduce operating expenses. To learn more about the transformative nature of NetIntegrity, request a demo today.

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