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4 Tips to Understand Keyword Marketing for Property Management Companies

Netintegrity - Keyword MarketingThe property management industry is unsurprisingly a competitive across North America. More and more companies are popping up and crossing industry verticals, serving mixed portfolios therefore giving existing businesses a run for their market share. According to Statista, the property management industry dipped from  reached $75.82 billion USD in 2019. With a low barrier to entry and high opportunity it’s no surprise the amount of new businesses entering the industry. Currently there are hundreds of thousands of active property management companies across North America.

Whether yours is a newcomer, mid-size and growing, or a well-established organization, good marketing strategies can help to not only maintain your market share but become even more competitive to expand your market share.

What is Keyword Marketing?

Keyword marketing is a branch of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to make your organization’s online spaces (webpages, social media, etc.) be presented prominently or rank highly in online search results. This strategy helps companies to their marketing towards their ideal market online by featuring words or phrases prospects are looking up to find companies like yours. 

How to Implement Keywords?

To get top placement in search listings, keywords are used strategically in company marketing content to build up your SEO count. You can improve your ranking for free by embedding keywords naturally into your content including website, social, or marketing materials. Or, you can buy ad words which is a paid option or bid to place your website in the search results of keywords. When creating content, it needs to be genuinely compelling to your readers not just an excuse to use keywords or plug in words, search engines recognize those misuses of the system and blacklist or lower the ranking of those pages.

Why is Keyword Marketing Impactful?

Infiltrating search engine allows you to visibly measure up where you stand with competitors and steadily built up content to overtake their ranking. This digital marketing technique gives property management companies access to a tremendous number of leads and prospects. 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine and more often than not that search engine is Google, which accounts for over 90% of the search engine market share. By tailoring your content to SEO standards you’re able to penetrate a sphere filled with opportunity.   

The benefits of SEO Keywords?

Keyword content marketing allows businesses to effectively reach the right people at the right time. The strategy allows marketers to direct their message straight to people searching for that service. Unlike print ads which can be somewhat targeted based on publication and placement, keywords qualify who views your material. When executed strategically, SEO campaigns offer an average conversion rate of 14.6% while traditional ads have a conversion rate that sits around 1.4%.

When Is the Campaign Complete?

Keyword content marketing is a long-term endeavour, the best SEO keywords will most likely change, or your business may evolve over time and when either of those things happen your marketing must follow. Essentially this means as the words your target market is searching online changes you must keep tabs to include those new words in your content.

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