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Attention Executives! 4 Reasons You Should be Blogging

Attention Executives! 4 Reasons You Should be BloggingAs a top-tier leader, writing a blog is probably the last thing on your radar. After all, you’ve got a property management company to run. Who has time to write articles? Believe it or not, there are a surprising number of advantages to executive blogging, many of which could help both your career as well as your organization as a whole. Keep an open mind and consider the following:

Build Credibility

Becoming a thought leader is a great way to position yourself, in terms of both your role in the property management industry as well as your own professional brand. Blogging provides the perfect outlet for developing, honing and strengthening your own authentic voice. It lends authority and helps you stand out amongst your peers. 

Amplify and Humanize Your Brand

Writing blog articles enables you to amplify your reach – especially if you’re using a global platform like LinkedIn. It also helps to put a human face to your property management company, making it easier to connect with customers as well as employees.

Scalable and Shareable

Blogging is a powerful tool for reaching mass audiences with minimal effort. If you’re consistently producing quality content, people will begin to engage with and share that content, instantly expanding your audience. Share your blogs on social media and you’ve got millions of potential readers at the ready. 

Promotes Offline Success

The more you blog, the more exposure you’ll get – not just for your professional brand, but for your personal one as well. You’ll establish a name for yourself in the property management industry, but more importantly, you’ll open the door for future opportunities, whether it be speaking engagements or new career moves. The connections you make online through your blog will translate to offline success as well.

What to Blog About

It’s not enough just to blog, however. To be successful and achieve the above benefits, you must ensure that the content you’re producing is worth reading and sharing. To get you started, here are a few topics other property management executives routinely blog about:

  •               – Industry news and trends
  •               – Company updates
  •               – Common problems and their solutions

If you’re still stumped, try putting yourself in the shoes of the people you’re trying to reach. What do they want to read about? How can you enlighten, educate and/or entertain them? What pain points can your expertise address? These questions should help you brainstorm some good topic ideas to start with.

What about you? Are you an executive that blogs? Have any tips or advice to share? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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