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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Video Conferences


Not too long-ago video conferencing technology was the thing of imaginative TV or an out of reach technology. Today video meeting software is a readily available, easy to access tool that companies can leverage. However, many companies are hesitant about their switch to remote video technology. TechRadar research shows that around 26%-30% of people are uncomfortable with the idea of using video conferences.

Here are the benefits you can get from embracing video conferencing. 

Connect Across Distance

Businesses doesn’t exist in one location or one office. Properties, vendors, and clients are often dispersed across regions, countries, and time zone which can make it hard to connect on the phone or in person. Gigaom research found that 87% of people felt more connected to their team as a result of video conferencing. It helps to connect people who are geographically dispersed which is just not as feasible through other methods like phone calls or email which can quickly become confusing and difficult to track.

Increase Productivity

Connecting through video conference is more efficient than waiting for a reply on an email or scheduling a time where everyone is available to meet in person. If there is a situation that demands urgent attention all parties who need to be included can connect to video conference at any given time. The instant access provided by video technology helps to make decision fasters, determine next steps, and maintain the flow of productivity.

Video conferencing technology is truly an investment for companies. An increase in productivity saves businesses tens of thousands of dollars of salary costs they would need to spend growing their team to manage their workload.

Enhanced Communication

Video conferences are more than just a videocall on a cellphone. Tools specifically designed for business meetings can enhance communication significantly with features that enhance the experience. Screen sharing options give participants the ability to share documents, slide decks, and other digital media that can help them deliver a presentation. In a Forbes survey, 62% of business executives agreed that video conferencing improved the quality compared to alternative methods of connecting.

Humans process images faster than they process audio or text which makes online video conferences a superior form of communication because it gives participants the ability to see each other which increases the ability to focus and heightens engagement.


The biggest cost that video conferencing curbs is the cost of business-related travel. In 2020, the business travel industry is expected to be worth $1.6 trillion according to the Global Business Travel Association. The main costs business travel entails are transportation, lodging, and meals and those costs are one the rise. In 2019, the Global Travel Forecast reported that in 2020 hotel prices and flight costs would increase by 3.7% and 2.6% respectively.

Using this technology is a simple way to avoid these costs all together and still effectively connect your teams. Communication is an essential part of business and leveraging technology to enhance that experience can offer many long-term advantages and increase employee retention and job satisfaction.

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