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4 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Property Management Teams

Netintegrity - Mobile Apps for Property ManagersOf the 2.7 billion smartphone users and additional 1.35 billion tablet users worldwide, people are spending 90% of their time on apps rather than web-browsers. By offering employees access to their property management software from a mobile app creates, companies are providing a platform that is more adaptable to both their job and lifestyle. Apps available on smart devices provide additional efficiencies to users and can also facilitate a new and improved standard of productivity.


Mobile apps extend property management software beyond the office so staff can access the same functionality easily on the road and on site from an optimized interface and platform. Mobile apps can be accessed on both smartphones and tablets which allows users to choose the device they prefer for the task they are completing or even switch between multiple devices seamlessly throughout the day.


If property managers are outside the office and unexpectedly find themselves needing access to their property management system, whether it’s to look up information like a contact phone number, workorder status, or even document an incident, they can do so quickly using their mobile device without the delay of travelling back to head office or interrupting other team members with phone calls.

Mobile access allows property managers to easily react to situations they don’t expect without lugging around a laptop or being confined to a desktop. Instead of making manual notes or recording information on a separate app, property managers can promptly complete a full task from any device they have on hand.

Additional Features

Mobile apps often can be integrated with other featured device apps. For example, smartphones can connect to location services to offer GPS and mapping capabilities, camera use, or even calendars records. In 2017, 96% of smartphone users used their devices for maps and instant messengers but only 19% used their devices for portals. Enabling access to these features in one integrated space facilitates a unified experience that can optimize the functionality of software so property managers can execute tasks with greater efficiency. 


A GoTo survey found that on average 54% of office employees in the U.S. have at least 5 programs open at one time and 59% of people feel like they’re wasting time switching between apps. When using smartphones or tablets, mobile apps make it easier for users to juggle multiple tasks at one time which is ideal for property managers who are notorious for having to manage many duties simultaneously. Because most mobile devices are touchscreen, they are also user friendly facilitating navigation between different programs and apps.

Property management apps allow on a smart device allow Installing property management apps on a smart device enables users to consolidate their experience in one space. They can send emails or record notes directly in their property management app, instead of using a multitude of various unintegrated apps and then transcribing information later.

Web-based tools offer property management teams its own unique benefits, but employees can use their software most effectively when they have the option to also leverage mobile software. The flexibility of mobile apps enables property managers to be on the move execute with maximized productivity.

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