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3 Advantages of Keyless Entry Systems for Apartments and Condos

advantages_of_keyless_entry_systems_for_apartments_and_condosIt seems that everything these days is being impacted and enhanced by technology and the IoT — and the traditional lock and key system that people rely on for security and peace of mind is no different. As technology for keyless entry and SmartLocks evolves and becomes more affordable and secure, many multifamily complexes and condo associations are making the switch to electronic key systems for their exterior doors. And although replacing standard locks with keyless entry on individual unit doors can be cost prohibitive at a typical range of $125 to $325 per door to install, some communities are recognizing the long term cost-savings benefits and are upgrading all doors to this technology in stages.


The drawbacks of the traditional lock and key

— residents can forget their key or accidentally lock themselves out and have to be let in (and what if it’s the middle of the night?)
— residents lose their key and have to be let in, plus a new key has to be made for them
— residents often make duplicate keys and give them to family and friends, so there can potentially be a number of extra keys floating around, compromising security
— when a residents move out or staff members move on, locks often have to be changed
— management and maintenance staff have to carry a number of keys
— management must keep track of the keys that are in the possession of residents, maintenance staff, etc.

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The 3 key benefits (pun intended) of SmartLocks and other keyless door entry systems:

1. Convenience — No fumbling for keys, and you don’t have to change out the unit when someone leaves the company — simply change the codes.

2. Tighter Security and Access Control — Keys can be lost, stolen or copied, whereas pass codes are secure if well managed and changed periodically. Many systems contain built in access control features like anti-tamper lock out, audit trails, multiple authority levels, and multiple schedules to restrict access during specified hours.

3. Save Time & Money — This point was touched on when we discussed convenience, but not having to change out locks when employees leave also saves money as well as the time spent to copy and redistribute keys. Of course the benefits to individual organizations will vary depending on staff size and rate of employee turnover. 

FUN FACT: The earliest known locking mechanisms at the Palace of Khorsabad in modern day Iraq. The rudimentary key and lock system dates back to 4000 B.C. (Source:

Flash forward 6000 or so years to the history-making shift we are currently witnessing, from mechanical to electronic locks…

Having just entered the scene in the past few years, SmartLocks use a smartphone or key fob to grant access and offer exceptional access control and security for exterior doors and common spaces like a party room or fitness facility or bike garage. The technology and centralized management system makes it easy for property managers to add and remove access to specific amenities for individual residents, while access to certain doors or areas can be made available only during certain hours. The system also creates a record of every entry, documenting who was there and for how long.

And the good news for residents who may be resistant to change and all this new fangled technology, is that in addition to being opened by a smartphone, most SmartLocks provide the flexibility to be opened using a keypad or traditional key as well.

One of the coolest and most convenient features made possible with this technology is sending a visitor an access code via smartphone that can be used to enter the building and/or an individual unit during a specified time. This is particularly handy for deliveries, cleaning services, dog-walkers, etc. Some electronic key units include built in Wi-Fi connection that allows for remote monitoring features such as access notification or a camera to show the person requesting access. A SmartLock can also be configured to unlock automatically when it senses the paired smartphone in close proximity. Now that’s service!

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The final benefit of keyless entry systems for condominiums and multifamily residences, is the modern and customer service driven image that this technology helps create for managed communities. And that can go a long way in this new digitally connected age.


Find out how technology can make life easier for your customers, your staff, and YOU! Download a free copy of The Property Manager’s Guide to Technology in the Management Office.

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